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Commercial real estate loans

A commercial loan is a debt-based loan arrangement between a corporation and a financial institution, such as a bank. Qualifying a commercial real estate loan is a little different than obtaining a personal loan. Since you’re intending to use the property for commercial purposes – because you’re going to repay the company’s income debt – lenders want to make sure that the corporation can cover the loan.

Commercial and Industrial loans

C&I loans are an expansion of commercial and industrial credit to sole proprietorships, corporations, enterprises, and other corporate organizations commonly insured or unsecured, installment or single payment. A business and manufacturing loan is a loan to a corporation rather than a loan to an individual.

Commercial Real Estate Loan Pros of Fort Lauderdale-deerfield beach FL

Multi-family loans

Multi-family housing applies to any kind of residential property with two or more units. Multi-family housing may be used with duplexes or triplexes on the smaller end. Multi-family housing also includes mid-sized buildings (such as garden-style apartments) and broader suburban communities. You need a multi-family housing loan for more than four homes.

Mixed-Use Loans

In commercial real estate, mixed-use properties are characterized as having two or more uses. A common example is an apartment complex with a grocery store on the ground floor or a commercial bakery with a retail store. The most common types of mixed-use property lending are government-backed loans, industrial loans, and short-term loans.

At Commercial Real Estate Loan Pros of Fort Lauderdale in Deerfield Beach, we have vast experience lending to developers in mixed-use projects and can help you see the potential that some lenders can overlook.

Construction loans

A Construction Loan is a short-term, higher-interest loan that provides the funds required to build residential properties. A construction loan can be used to finance the cost of land, contractor labor, construction materials, licenses, and more. We provide the best commercial real estate financing to developers and sellers in need of funds to finance projects ranging from acquisitions to renovations and more.

Private Money Loans

Private money is a term that is commonly utilized in banking and finance. It refers to the loan of money from a private person or corporation to an organization or body. Private capital is a great way for investors to increase their income while they are unable to fully cover a daily loan or cash exchange. Private lenders are keen to sell loans to investors and are willing to be presented with the feasibility of the deal they are investing in.

Hard Money loans

Hard money loans are a form of private loans—funding is provided by private lenders rather than by government-regulated financial agencies. Hard money lenders essentially do what banks do: borrow money. Our scalable credit programs provide investors with quick and fast loans dependent not on wages, but on the value of your assets and the potential to generate income. Our experience in working with loan developers will assist you as we assess the mix and demand of your tenants to help you obtain the most favorable funding possible.

Keep in touch with our lenders at Commercial Real Estate Loan Pros of Fort Lauderdale in Deerfield Beach who will answer your questions. Establish a relationship with us today, so that you can fund ventures quickly and easily when the time comes.

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