What's a Hard Money Loan?

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A hard money loan, or bridge loan, is a short-term loan utilized until a company or a person either finds permanent finance or eliminates the responsibility of selling the land. Hard-money loans usually have a high-interest rate than a bank or conventional loans which are written down over limited periods of time. Typical hard money loans or bridge loans last for 12 – 18 months. The debt does not reach 60 percent of the approximate value of the loan-backed house.

Who is usually using a hard money loan:

  • Business shareholders trying to withdraw cash from existing properties
  • People that might want to shut down businesses quickly
  • Borrowers with a variety of assets pursuing cross-collateralization
  • Investors who want to rent residential assets
  • Investors who purchase, recover, and instantly resell their investments (“flippers”)
  • Borrowers who are hesitant to refinance with a typical bank
  • Builders

Hard Money Lenders of Fort Lauderdale County

In the “fix and flip” climate, finding a quality supply of financing that can keep up with the fast-paced complexities of Fort Lauderdale’s housing market can prove to be a challenge that has led to strong demand for hard-money lenders serving the County. Fort Lauderdale real estate developers can often be unwilling to follow the rigid requirements of conventional lenders (or the exhaustive timeline) by missing out on opportunities and gains because funding is not sufficient or efficient.

Are you going to require a loan to carry out your real estate project?

Hard money lenders in Fort Lauderdale provide loan options that best meet the needs of “fix and flip” investors, have a quicker timeline, and look at the value of the real estate to be used as a loan lever.

The need for quality, affordable housing remains constant in Fort Lauderdale, particularly as the influx of job-seekers, students, and young talents hits the metropolitan areas of the state. This is getting more intense in the Fort Lauderdale market, with baby boomers preferring to linger longer with their families, further restricting the affordable supply of housing. These trends are driving hunger for property in the city and bringing hard money lenders in high demand in Fort Lauderdale. And, once the house becomes accessible, the consumption patterns (how rapidly the home is purchased) show up quickly.

With these trends, it’s clear to understand why hard money lenders in Fort Lauderdale are seeing an increase in activity as more investors are seeking to “fix and flip” real estate in the city and surrounding areas.

Fort Lauderdale Hard Money Loans

Getting a traditional loan is a lengthy, tedious, and draining operation, which is why our hard money loans are geared to real estate investors who offer priority to speed, efficiency, and transparency. Offering home fix-and-flip, fixed-to-rent, and cash-out refinancing loans, our team of qualified real estate experts at Commercial Real Estate Loan Pros of Fort Lauderdale is able to help you get resources and help you with any hiccups that may happen along the way.

We are different from other hard money lenders in Fort Lauderdale. As certified real estate investment professionals, we know what real estate investors need: easy and flexible online applications, terms of up to twenty-four months, and most of all, quick loan close and affordable pricing. We specialize in hard money loans for single-family residential developments at Commercial Real Estate Loan Pros of Fort Lauderdale, but we can also cater for multi-family and commercial real estate ventures. Contact our Fort Lauderdale Hard Money Loan Team today to find the best loan suited to your next real estate project.

In the end, if you need fast, efficient, competitive interest-rate lending options, our business is the hard money lender to you.


Yes, we're a non-bank direct lender providing on-scale asset-based loans. For asset-based financing, underwriting may be more lenient than conventional borrowing. This is because the underlying value of the commodity (real estate) is more relevant than the financial background of the lender when setting the terms of the loan. As a result, the requirements for credit scores are less stringent, income verification is not needed, and the debt to the borrower's income ratio does not apply. Plus, we'll get you accredited and closed within seven days.

Yes. We offer ground-up construction loans to real estate developers that build single-family (1-4-unit) residential properties. As a Fort Lauderdale Hard Money Lender, we're worried more about purchasing real estate than the credit score.

Asset-based financing means that we settle on the sum of our loan on the basis of real estate value, not just credit scores and debt-to-income thresholds. We are not confined to rigid bank requirements. We were proud of its common sense, equity-based financing. As a hard money lender in Fort Lauderdale, we're equipped to work with maybe the most challenging cases of lending. Unlike traditional lenders, we are more worried about real estate being purchased or refinanced, and our underwriting process will take place in a matter of days rather than weeks or months. Our team specializes in hard money loans for investment property and commercial real estate in Fort Lauderdale and across the county.

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Qualifying for Fort Lauderdale Hard Money Loans

We rendered it as easy for entrepreneurs in Fort Lauderdale to apply for hard money loans as soon as possible. Applicants with a minimum credit rating will meet the specific guidelines and our team will expedite the process to ensure that you have the funding you need when you need it. Unlike traditional financing sites, we are cutting through red tape because we know how important it is to reach the deadlines for commercial real estate developers in Fort Lauderdale. Our advisors know first-hand how best to help you get the mortgage loan you need to buy the property. Let them take you through the process step by step so that you don’t feel stressed.

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