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We are reforming the manner in which borrowers receive commercial real estate loans. Unlock the full benefit of your commercial real estate investment with a Commercial Real Estate Loan Pros of Fort Lauderdale commercial loan that meets your specific requirements and investment objectives at the most competitive rate and conditions.

Contact our commercial real estate loan center for more information regarding our commercial mortgage loans for commercial properties situated in Fort Lauderdale, or email a commercial real estate loan representative today. We’re doing so many types of loans that include.

Commercial Real Estate Loan Pros of Fort Lauderdale-locations

Private Money Loans

Private money loans – or private lenders – are used to describe a loan given to an individual or company by an entity or organization under private financial circumstances.

Private Funding Loans

Loans from commercial moneylenders in Fort Lauderdale are built for short-term homeowners who purchase real estate. Private money lenders require leverage, usually in the form of real estate, to finance all loans.

Commercial Mortgage Loan

As a commercial lending broker, we’re dealing with commercial real estate loans to company owners. Commercial Real Estate Loan Pros of Fort Lauderdale comprises a number of firms offering these kinds of loans.

Commercial Estate Loan

Have you got a commercial property to buy? In all cases of trading, we can help you locate the best commercial mortgage to suit your business strategy.

Hard Money Loans

A hard money loan, also known as a bridge loan, is a short-term loan used before an individual or business either secures permanent finance or reduces the requirement to sell the land.

Construction Loans

To finance the development of office homes, apartment buildings, and other types of rental investment property, the firm provides a wide range of home financing solutions.

Multi-Family Loans

There must be at least four units in order to obtain a multi-family housing loan. Qualifications and conditions vary from those for the leasing of your own personal land. Before making any initial transactions, please check the specifications and procedure first.

Mixed-use Loans

Two typical examples of this form of loan are the grocery shop on the ground floor of an apartment complex or in a commercial bakery with residential apartments on the floors above.

Owner Occupied Loans

There are loans that have been taken out by the owner of the property that lives in one of the units. Our team will cover the benefits of owning this property as well as the number of units needed to experience these advantages.

Office Building Loans

Even if you plan to take advantage of the property, it is not appropriate to describe real estate solely in terms of commercial value. These loans give you the room you need to buy an office building.

Medical Office Building Loans

Acquiring and rebuilding a medical office will become an expensive undertaking due to the high cost of customized plumbing, consulting space, lead walls for x-ray or surgical systems, and so on.

Medical office Loans

The professional practice loan is used to fund suppliers of medical services. We have a team to help you find the best loans.

Hotel Loans

Are you trying to buy a hotel, or are you just looking for financing? You may own a hotel, but it may be time for a renovation? Since the long-term viability of the hospitality industry is still high, financing is the most advantageous.

Operating Lines of Credit

There is a wide variety of options for meeting a company’s request. A number of small business owners turn to business lines of credit in place of small business loans. We will show you how you can apply for this form of financing, when a credit line is available, how to request it, and what its uses are.

Machinery and Equipment Loans

Here, these loans are for the procurement of equipment and machinery only. The lender may lend money to buy new equipment or upgrade it for your business. The lender does not care about the use of the equipment.

A Condo Hotel

Condotel is a residential building that is similar to a hotel or a condo complex. The condominium is a traditional condominium built or renovated to function as a hotel or bed and breakfast.

Loans for Commercial Development

A commercial construction loan is a type of loan used to create or renovate a commercial building.

Land Development Loans

These loans finance the purchase of vacant land, industrial construction assets, and the establishment of foundations for a residential subdivision.

Financing for Commercial Construction

For a person who is engaged in construction and has invested money in it, the loan will have to be repaid by the firm.

Commercial Land Loan

When an income-earning property needs to be bought or restored, the initial step is to determine which alternative loan is best suited to the property.

Warehouse Loans

Warehouse loans are another form of industrial financing since they are only for industrial purposes.

Warehouse Facility Finance

What are the loan opportunities for warehouses? Warehouse loans are loans provided by a mortgage lender to finance a large number of mortgages before being sold on the secondary market by the lender.

Industrial Loans

Taking care of the basics, like supply costs and employees’ salaries, will enable you to concentrate on the potential for the business to move ahead.

Commercial and Industrial Loans

Rather than individuals, businesses are usually the recipients of these loans. A financial, industrial, or technological loan will qualify as a C&I loan when it is used exclusively for commercial, industrial or technical purposes.

C&I Loans

Any loan granted to a corporation rather than to a person is deemed to be a commercial and industrial (C&I) loan. Business and commercial loans, including equipment or automobiles, capital expenditure financing, and working capital.

Commercial Lenders

Commercial real estate loans can be used to purchase property that is set aside for business or an existing business that is ready to expand.

Commercial Mortgage

A commercial mortgage broker is a professional financial consultant with expertise in the lending of commercial mortgage financing programs and institutions.

Million Dollar Business Loan

You will need to take out a major loan as the owner of the company as you start the firm, make adjustments, or take the company where it wants to go, so you can get some capital back.

1 Million Dollar Unsecured Loan

Our unsecured business loans enable you to focus your attention on the most vital elements of your organization without thinking about the capital.

How to qualify for a 2 Million Dollar Loan

The corporation would need to show its willingness to take out a loan of $2 million. Requirements vary by lender, but strict requirements need to be followed.

There are so many areas or regions where we offer these services with most of them being cities.

However, if you need any of these services, you need to contact us. The list below comprises the areas where we offer these services.