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Commercial real estate loans

A commercial loan is a debt-based arrangement between a corporation and a financial institution such as a bank. The qualification for a commercial loan is very different from that for a domestic loan. As you will use the property for business activities and repay the debt from the profits of the company, shareholders want to make sure that the loan is paid back by the company.

Commercial and Industrial loans

C&I loans include extensions to loans to businesses, associations, firms, and other corporate groups, whether secured (other than immovable) or unsecured, directly or in increments, for commercial and industrial purposes. A commercial and industrial loan is not a loan to a borrower, but a loan to a corporation.

Commercial Real Estate Loan Pros of Fort Lauderdale-fort lauderdale FL

Multi-family loans

Multifamily Housing refers to residential properties of any kind with two or more dwellings. Duplexes or triplexes can be used as multi-family accommodations at the lower end. Multi-family housing also includes intermediate premises (such as garden apartments) and larger groups of apartments. You need more than four homes for a multi-family housing loan.

Mixed-Use Loans

Mixed-use distinguishes properties for two or more uses in commercial real estate. A common example is an apartment building with a department store or a commercial bakery on the ground floor. Government-backed loans, industrial loans, and short-term loans are the most common types of mixed-use mortgage loans.

We have extensive experience lending to developers investing in mixed-use projects at Commercial Real Estate Loan Pros of Fort Lauderdale and will help you spot prospects for the future from other lenders.

Construction loans

A construction loan is a short-term, higher-interest loan that provides the necessary funds for the creation of residential properties. Construction loans can often be charged for the costs of property, contractors, building materials, permits, and more. We provide businesses and investors with the right commercial real estate financing to pay expenses, including acquisitions, renovations, and more.

Private Money Loans

Private money is very common in banking and finance. This refers to lending capital to a corporation or individual by a private person or organization. Private capital is a fine choice for investors to add gains since they cannot support a transaction completely with traditional loans or cash funds. Private lenders are ready to lend to developers and would gladly participate in the deal they are going into.

Hard Money loans

Hard money loans are a form of private financing where, relative to government-regulated financial institutions, loans are provided by private lenders. A lot of hard money lenders do what banks do: loan money.

Our flexible financing schemes, which are dependent on the value of mixed-use assets and their potential to generate income, provide short and easy loans from borrowers, not taxes. We benefit from our experience in working with developers so that we can assess the combination and value of the tenants to provide the most profitable financing available to you.

Speak to our brokers, address your concerns, and create a relationship with Commercial Real Estate Loan Pros of Fort Lauderdale to allow you to fund projects quickly and easily.

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