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Commercial real estate loans

Commercial property loans are widely used for the purchase or rehabilitation of the commercial property. Lenders normally need to lease the owner-occupied house, which means that the company will have to occupy at least 51% of the building. To get a commercial real estate loan, you may need to settle with the kind of commercial loan you need—depending on the property and the business—and then narrow down the option of a lender to our firm.

Commercial and industrial loans

Commercial real estate loans are used for the acquisition, maintenance, rehabilitation, and development of commercial assets. Loans come in all shapes and sizes, with terms and conditions that are unique to each property and are dependent on factors such as the knowledge of the applicant, the financial strategy, and the feasibility of the property. Different cities and states can vary in their approach to commercial lending.

Commercial Real Estate Loan Pros of Fort Lauderdale-pembroke pines FL

Multi-family loans

Multifamily buyers and investors have a variety of options when it comes to securing financing for their prospective acquisitions of real estate. Available credit products depend on factors such as the type and size of the multi-family initiative and the expected usage of the funds. We specialize in Multi-Family Home Loans at Commercial Real Estate Loan Pros of Fort Lauderdale in Pembroke Pines.

Mixed-use loans

Any applicant may be looking for a hard money loan for their mixed-use assets. Non-banks and private lenders are selling these lending schemes and their options for financing them are dependent on the unencumbered value (equity) of the land. This equity ensures that if the developer defaults on the debt, it can be compensated by selling the land. Unlike a bank loan, hard money lenders do not use the financial background of the applicant, e.g. low credit, default, or bankruptcy past, as a primary qualification for a loan decision.

Construction loans

If you borrow funds to purchase a house, because there is no equity on the back of the bond of the old mortgage, it leaves the lenders nervous. Construction loans operate differently than traditional loans. Lenders are paying home construction loans to the installment contractor, called “draws.” The drawing refers to the end of the crucial phases of completion of the job. Inspection is normally required by drawing issued by the builder. The valuation of the amount of the payment and the work carried out by the builder is specified in the inspection report.

Private money loans

Our goal is to work quickly to meet your financial needs in Pembroke Pines real estate, whether it’s purchasing a property or refinancing, or providing bridge financing. Private money lending, as the word suggests, entails borrowing money from a private source. Private loans are used by real estate developers to fund investments when they are unable to apply for a standard loan or cannot wait for the normal 30-day approval cycle for a conventional mortgage loan.

Hard-money loans

Hard Money Loans are a way to quickly collect money without involving traditional mortgage lenders. Loans are dependent on borrowers or organizations who lend capital on the basis of collateral (the property you will be using). Hard Money Loans are a very quick way to finance real estate if you’re not qualified for traditional bank loans, or you don’t want to spend time looking for one. There are short-term loans (usually for only a year), and you won’t have to step through hundreds of hoops to get one.

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