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If you’re dreaming of buying a hotel, you’re going to need to hear about financing and where to get it. Or maybe you’ve been running a hotel for years, but your property needs a huge facelift? Whatever the criteria, the right Hotel Loans from Commercial Real Estate Loan Pros of Fort Lauderdale are essential to the survival of the hospitality industry.

Hotel Loans-Commercial Real Estate Loan Pros of Fort Lauderdale

What’s a Hotel Loan?

Hotel loans are a category of financial products intended to benefit businesses in the hospitality market. These loans vary in size and structure, with particular products targeted to smaller hotel businesses compared to major international hotel chains. Not sure what kind of hotel loan is right for your company? You’ve come to the right location. Explore different types of hotel loans, explore the best hospitality lenders, and consider the market requirements so that you can make an informed decision.

Popular Forms of Hotel Financing

There are too many opportunities for hotel financing out there; it can be overwhelming in the beginning to acquire the ideal one for your organization. We’ve simplified a few common ways of hotel financing so that you may easily understand the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Normal Hotel Loans– these are typical loans that include a defined loan period along with interest rate. You submit monthly instalments to the investor to pay for part of the principal debt and half of the outstanding interest. These are more common kinds of hotel finance and are typically used for renovations, recruitment of new workers or funding of hospitality facilities.

Mezzanine Finance – This form of hotel funding combines debt with equity. This indicates that the lenders will provide you with both an interest-bearing loan and funds in replacement for equity at your hotel. Mezzanine loans, which are more workable than normal lenders, may usually provide more money than banks but will charge higher interest rates. This is a strong choice for hotels aiming to expand and have a decent cash flow.

Hotel Bridging Loans – They enable hotel owners to close the cash hole between buying a new hotel asset and obtaining more secure finance to further invest in it.

Permanent Loans – These kinds of loans are intended for hotel holders to build their hotels from the bottom up. It looks like a hotel construction loan at the onset and becomes a mortgage until the building has been completed. This helps you in applying and qualifying for two different loans, often from various lenders that have different credit requirements.

Preferred Equity – Lenders give guarantees to hotel owners for the preferred share of their hotels. Preferred shares would have a higher degree of a priority than common owners if the hotel goes bankrupt. These kinds of hotel loans are typically given as an additional cash injection relative to the regular loan.

SBA Hotel Financing—These are government-backed small business loans that give a large portion of the debt to the developer if the hotel owner fails to pay. This greatly lowers the risk, allowing interest rates to be even lower and are much more accessible. However, it can be a challenge to qualify for these loans, particularly if your hotel is in financial difficulties.

What is a hotel or motel hard money loan?

Hard money loans for hotels and motels are issued by private or non-bank lenders and provide a range of benefits, such as fast loans (only a few days to a few weeks) for lower LTVs and unnecessary documentation from investors than the bank would want. In exchange, these loans are typically repaid within a few years and come at higher interest rates than conventional hotel loans. Hard money loans are equity-based, meaning that LTVs are common from 50 to 65 percent.

What is a hotel or motel construction loan?

Although far less common than other types of hotel and motel mortgages, construction loans are accessible to borrowers planning to construct a new hotel or motel. Hotel construction loans will vary depending on the condition of the applicant, so you can see the following typical types of construction loans:

How will you make use of your hotel loan?

You can use hotel loans to fund almost everything you need to extend your business:

  • Purchasing a hotel and financing it
  • Refinancing the hotel
  • Building a hotel
  • Remodeling
  • Covering operational expenses
  • Adding new hospitality services
  • Financing new hospitality equipment
  • Relocating
  • Hiring more employees

Where can I acquire hotel loans?

Both banks and private lenders offer hotel-motel loans. Banks usually have longer maturities and lower interest rates, although the first process (application phase) can be time-consuming, paperwork-heavy, and high credit score requirements. In contrast, it can take weeks to get approval and a lot longer to get the funds financed from the company account.

Commercial non-bank lenders typically have a quicker operation, with lower monitoring requirements and faster turnaround times. However, they usually have shorter maturity periods and higher interest rates, which might be challenging to afford.

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Choosing the best hotel loan

Like too many other choices for utilizing hotel loans, there are, of course, special types of corporate loans that can better be customized to particular projects or uses. For example, if the aim is to build a new hotel, then hotel bridge loans will be the better choice. On the other hand, if you intend to carry out a new advertisement campaign, a low-interest asset-based loan might be better suited to your needs.

Each organization has its own financial profile and financial needs. So, by the end of the day, when applying for hotel loans, you should examine the specific case closely. Keep reading our comprehensive list of the best hotel finance opportunities available.

What form of loan is correct for me?

If you read this and think, ‘Okay, all these choices seem to be relevant, and I’m still unsure which funding choice is best for me and my business- don’t worry! Through visiting Commercial Real Estate Loan Pros of Fort Lauderdale, you would be able to see all the loan opportunities that you can apply for and specific loan deals from different lenders. If you have all the options in front of you, you can speak to one of our committed funding experts to help you figure out what’s best for your needs.

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