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Commercial real estate loans

Purchasing a commercial property, either to open a new store, workplace, warehouse or to expand an existing one, is a substantial expenditure for a small business and is usually financed by a commercial real estate loan. Entry into this type of loan, which is similar in certain situations to a home mortgage on business land, depends on a number of conditions that vary on the basis of the source of the loan. Commercial property loans are guaranteed by the Small Business Administration (SBA).

Commercial and industrial loans

Commercial and industrial (C&I) loans are equity extensions to sole proprietorships, corporations, companies, and other private bodies for commercial and industrial uses, whether guaranteed (other than real estate) or unsecured, single-payment or installment.

Commercial Real Estate Loan Pros of Fort Lauderdale-miramar FL

Multi-family loans

Multifamily loans will be of great interest to you, whether you’re looking to invest in a 5-story apartment building, enlarge an outdated quadruplex, or start a first mobile home park. In short, financing allows developers with insufficient liquid capital to purchase assets via business loans around the globe. And those with cash on hand sometimes opt to finance real estate acquisition rather than spend hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars on a single deal.

Mixed-use loans

Businesses and real estate developers can use mixed-use loans to finance mixed-use buildings. Multiple units for various uses, such as residential, business, retail or institutional, are popular in mixed-use buildings that are eligible for funding. Short-term and long-term mixed-use land loans are available, with periods ranging from six months to 30 years. Our knowledgeable loan experts will help you decide on the best mixed-use property loan for your business. To start the application procedure, contact Commercial Real Estate Loan Pros of Fort Lauderdale loan specialists in Miramar.

Construction loans

Construction loans are shorter-term mortgages with higher interest rates to fund the construction or renovation of a property. A development loan is paid by the investor to the contractor, not the creditor until the building target is met. Homebuilding loans are normally converted to permanent mortgages or paid off once work is completed. The process of the construction loan may be tough, but it’s your chance to have anything you want in a building. Before you break the earth, find out how the various loans function and how to choose a lender.

Private money loans

We specialize in real estate-backed hard capital, helping our borrowers secure funding when other opportunities have failed. Contact us to find out more about our private money programs. Can’t you get a loan from a normal Fort Lauderdale bank? Allow us to help you out! We would benefit you even if you are self-employed, have a poor FICO credit score, or have little proof of earnings.

Hard money loans

Are you going to need fast hard capital as a real estate investor or landowner?. Hard money loans are short-term loans secured by real property which are a flexible choice from traditional bank loans. Commercial Real Estate Loan Pros of Fort Lauderdale in Miramar specializes in hard real estate lending solutions whether you don’t want to apply for a traditional bank loan or need cash now.

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