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Commercial Real Estate Loans

Commercial real estate funding is provided by the use of funds to repay income-producing properties to refinance or restructure existing real estate financing and to purchase distressed or non-performing loans (NPLs). Most real estate loans are used for refinancing or purchase of the real estate, with loans for property development and loans for unsecured real estate making up the rest.

Commercial industrial loans

You will take out a mortgage in commercial real mortgages to finance the purchase of the property. Real estate loans subsidize the purchase or remodeling of real estate and cover half of the expenditure. Many commercial real estate loans want you to buy the property and to operate on-site at 51 percent. If the property is not used as an owner-occupied residence, the creditor may benefit from an investment property loan.

Commercial Real Estate Loan Pros of Fort Lauderdale-margate FL

Mixed-Use loans

A multi-purpose solution to funding land, including private, commercial, industrial, and institutional assets. This allows a property with two or more non-residential uses to apply for mixed-use financing. We specialize in Mixed-Use Land Loans at Commercial Real Estate Loan Pros of Fort Lauderdale in Margate.

Both business owners and real estate investors want a loan to be used for mixed-use properties. Company managers can still live in the residential unit, while real estate developers will act as landlords for both residential and commercial tenants.

Multi-Family loans

Commercial mortgage loans also referred to as commercial loans, are meant for the renovation of multi-family real estate with five or more units. Loans normally range from just over $500,000 to well over $10 million. Interest rates, lending rates, and balance-sheet requirements can vary depending on the particular loan program.

Private money loans

Private money loans, which can also be referred to as private money, are loans granted to a person or corporation by a private institution or individual. The business or agency is known as a “private money lender” Private money is supplied by private interests without the regulatory oversight required by a bank or a lending body.

Hard money loans

Hard money loans are short-term loans used until a person or a corporation either secure permanent funding or lifts the loan obligation by disposing of the land. Interest rates for hard money loans are higher than for conventional or shorter-term bank loans. Hard money loans or bridge loans last 12 to 18 months.

Construction Loans

Construction Loans are valuable to owners of companies that wish to develop or expand their company. All businesses require a location to work, but development is expensive, whether it is building a new space or remodeling an old one. Commercial Development Loans are meant to offer to fund entrepreneurs that need funds to secure a business’s growth.

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