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Commercial real estate loans

Commercial property loans are widely used for the purchase and/or upgrade of commercial property. Lenders normally want the premises to be rented, meaning that at least 51% of the building has to be managed by the company. You will need to choose the kind of commercial loans you need, depending on your property and business, and then narrow down the lender’s options to obtain a commercial property loan.

Commercial Real Estate Loan Pros of Fort Lauderdale-wilton manors FL

Commercial and industrial loans

Commercial financing of assets is used for the purchasing, maintenance, restoration, and real estate of commercial properties. Loans are in all types and sizes and are subject to terms and conditions that are unique to each property, depending on factors such as the competence of the applicant, investment policies, and the feasibility of the property. The approach to commercial loans would change through cities and states.

Multi-family loans

A number of options are available for multi-family owners and investors to raise funds for their future acquisition of real estate. The accessible lending products depend on factors such as the shape, size, and intended purpose of the project. We specialize in Multifamily Property Loans at Commercial Real Estate Loan Pros of Fort Lauderdale in Wilton Manors.

Mixed-use loans

Any borrower can seek a hard money loan on their mixed-use property. These loan schemes are offered by non-banks and private lenders and their decisions to fund them are dependent on the value (equity) of the assets. This equity ensures that the creditor would profit from selling the property if the loan defaults. In contrast to a bank loan, hard money lenders do not use the credit background of the borrower as the main criteria of the loan decision, e.g. bad lending history, forecasting, or bankruptcy.

Construction loans

Instead of a lump amount being exchanged, lenders pay home construction loans in installments called “draws”, directly to the contractor. The drawing refers to the critical phases of the project and the completion of the work. Regular inspection of the architecture is generally mandatory and the money is paid out on the basis of the job done, according to the inspection reports.

Private money loans

Our goal is to meet your real estate finance needs on time, whether it’s purchasing or refinancing a building or financing bridges. Like the name means, private money lending involves collecting funds from private lenders. Private loans are used to finance deals for real estate investors who cannot qualify for a traditional loan or who cannot wait 30 days or so for a typical mortgage loan to be accepted.

Hard money loans

Hard money loans are a way to quickly finance money without the need for traditional creditors. Loans are dependent on investors or companies who lend funds on a collateral basis (the property you will be using). Hard money loans are a very simple choice if you’re not applying for traditional bank loans or choosing to spend longer waiting for approval. These are short-term loans (usually for just one year) and you don’t have hundreds of hoops to jump through.

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