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Commercial real estate loans

Commercial real estate loans are commonly used to finance the purchase or renovation of commercial land. Lenders usually want the owner-occupied property to guarantee that the business has to occupy at least 51% of the space. In order to obtain a commercial real estate loan, you must first determine the kind of loan you require, which may vary on the basis of property and business, and then narrow down your option of the lender.

Commercial and industrial loans

Commercial real estate loans are used for the acquisition, maintenance, rehabilitation, and development of commercial assets. Loans come in all shapes and sizes, with terms and conditions that are exclusive to each asset and are dependent on factors such as the experience of the applicant, investment strategy, and the feasibility of the asset. The approach to commercial loans in different cities and states can vary.

Commercial Real Estate Loan Pros of Fort Lauderdale-pembroke park FL

Multi-family loans

When it comes to securing financing for their potential investment in real estate, multi-family buyers and investors have a number of options. The types and sizes of the multi-family projects, as well as the intended use of the money, influence the accessible lending items. We specialize in Multifamily Property Loans at Commercial Real Estate Loan Pros of Fort Lauderdale in Pembroke Park.

Mixed-use loans

Many borrowers would ask for a hard money loan for their mixed-use properties. These loan schemes are offered by non-banks and private investors, and their lending options are dependent on the unencumbered value of the assets (equity). This equity means that, if the creditor defaults on the debt, the investor will be able to recover his gains by selling the land. Unlike a bank loan, hard money lenders do not base their lending decisions on the borrower’s financial background, such as bad credit, foreclosure, or bankruptcy past.

Construction Loans

When you borrow funds to purchase a house, you don’t have any leverage to shore up the debt the same way you can—at least not yet—for a traditional mortgage. This makes lenders worried because you’re going to have to go through a few more hoops before they’re going to fork over the cash. Expect a thorough analysis of the plan, contractor, and finances. The disbursement of a construction loan differs from that of a traditional loan.

Instead of paying a lump amount, lenders repay home construction loans to contractors in installments defined as “draws.” Each drawing corresponds to the key stage of the building, such as the base pouring, painting, and finishing. Until a draw is given to the builder, an appraisal is usually required and the expense of that payment is dependent on the work undertaken, as shown in the inspection report.

Private money loans

Our goal is to work with you to meet your Fort Lauderdale real estate financing needs as effectively as possible, whether for real estate, refinancing, or bridge loans. Our private money loan, hard money loan, and approval processes for brokers have all been simplified.

Hard money loans

Hard Money Loans are a type of loan that lets you quickly raise money without having to go through a traditional mortgage lender. Loans are dependent on institutions or companies that lend you money in exchange for collateral (the property you will be using). If you don’t qualify for or don’t want to wait for, traditional bank loans, Hard Money loans are a quick and easy way to finance real estate. You’re not going to have to go through hundreds of hoops to get one of these short-term loans (they normally last only a year).

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